I recently returned from a jam-packed few days attending my first IEA Global Conference in San Antonio, TX.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the world's leading Enneagram professionals and teachers; network with the international community of IEA members; and broaden my perspective on the multiple applications of using the Enneagram in business and every day life.

During the conference, I met with two other members of the Midwest Chapter of the IEA, and we determined the need to rename our chapter to be more reflective of our membership base and areas of focus.  The chapter is now known as IEA Great Lakes Chapter, serving the five states bordering four of the five Great Lakes.  There is a very active chapter in Minnesota, so we excluded that state and Lake Superior in our geographic area of concentration.

I was asked to serve as Vice President of the Great Lakes Chapter, which I humbly accepted.  As a board of directors, we want to expand and deepen our connection with other Enneagram professionals and enthusiasts by offering programs, social events, etc. that will bring like-minded people together to explore the Enneagram and learn from one another.