Bill is an entrepreneurial business consultant with 40+ years of executive leadership and senior management experience leading companies and teams focused on positive outcomes.  He is the owner of Enneagram Chicago, an innovative business consulting firm utilizing the Enneagram and other transformational learning tools to enhance self-awareness, group inter-personal skills and overall successful and sustainable business performance.

Bill has worked with a wide range of companies (Fortune 500 to sole proprietorship), teams and individuals.  His expertise is in launching new businesses, building upon strong brands and creating new products and employment opportunities for many.  Bill has a deep understanding and real-life experiences in inspiring, motivating and empowering people to excel in their profession.

By using his vast business experience within the for-profit and non-profit sectors and his education and certification to teach the Enneagram, he can help guide businesses, work groups and individuals to become more aware of their strengths and challenges through self-exploration and understanding of the nine ego structures that exist.